We are Sabine & Nicky, lovers, best mates and french wedding photographers with a thing for artistic pictures taken in a natural way.

We love weddings and stories and we love seeing you getting emotional surrounded by your loved ones. We aren’t good with words but being photographers helps us transcribe everything that we see into pictures and tell a story: yours.
We document your journey throughout the day, capturing the present moment and every single detail, both small and big moments.
We like to think that through our pictures, you can come back to this particular day, as you would flip through the pages of your memory. Sabine likes to think of every picture as a canvas on it’s own.

She loves to take the time to compose her pictures to perfection, whereas Nicky prefers to capture the instantaneous, feelings and raw emotions. Our complementarity is our strength, this is what defines us and it is why we are going for both natural and artistic pictures.

We are looking for couples who have a love for photography and believe in our vision. Our work begins with your trust so we can strive for the best. As we always say, there’s no need to be scared of our camera, we are here for you, your family and friends, so just be yourselves.
We are ready to follow you anywhere and travel with you, through your life, your love and your big day.
So if you like what you see, feel free to drop us a line and let’s rock the world together.


« Always looking for the vibes, the raw emotions and details »