Alone Together,
Editorial  shooting, Lyon, France.

This edito was in our head for a long time.

We wanted to highlight the moment we love to share with our brides and grooms: the getting ready, the first-look and the couple session. We lingered on gestures, details and the mood to show these intimate moments and emphasize this exact moment that belong to them.

This shooting has become a big turn for us, it started our rebranding, how we think about pictures, and our vision about wedding photography. We looked back at our pictures we did two years ago and we can tell that we’ve come a long way. We truly are happy and grateful to share these moments with fantastic French vendors from our area, Lyon. People that follow us without thinking twice, thank your for everything



Nude dress: Caroline Takvorian
White dress: Caroline Quesnel
Muah: Amélie Gouttenoire
Jewellry: Emma S
Flowers: Lilas wood
Couple: Laurie & Kévin